How can a stroke affect my eyesight?

The effects of a stroke are dependent on which part of your brain was affected or starved of oxygen. Every stroke is different and the symptoms and degree of damage are very individual. Some people are mildly affected for a short time while others may suffer long term disabilities from a stroke. Some of the common effects of stroke include difficulty or problems with walking, language or speech, mental processes, swallowing, paralysis and eyesight.

Some of the vision problems that can occur as a result of a stroke include partial loss of vision or visual field. Visual field is the term used to describe the whole of your vision. It refers to everything you can see in the periphery (outer limits or edge) of your vision as well as when looking directly at something (central vision). Strokes can cause whole sections of your visual field to be missing.

Other visual problems that can occur as a result of stroke include eye muscle and nerve problems which can result in double vision and moving images as well as other effects such as sensitivity to light.

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