Can taking antioxidant vitamins and minerals help slow the progression of Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)?

According to the research, the potential benefit of taking an antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplement depends on how likely it is for your AMD to progress, and whether it is affecting one or both of your eyes. Although, even then, antioxidant vitamins along with some minerals have only been shown to reduce the risk of AMD worsening by a small amount.

If you are diagnosed with AMD with a high risk of progression, then taking a supplement has been shown to slow the progression by about 25 per cent. However, some people may feel that something that could help reduce the risk of sight loss from AMD may be worthwhile. If you have early stage with a low risk of progression then taking supplements is likely to have no effect.

Further information on supplements and vitamins can be found on RNIB's Antioxidant vitamins for age-related macular degeneration web page.

For information on how your diet and what you eat affects your eyes see Can what I eat affect my eyesight? 

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