Are there any benefits I can claim to help me look after my child with a vision impairment?

You may be able to claim DLA and Carers allowance, in addition to these benefits you may also be able to claim benefits based on your National Insurance contributions, including contribution-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) if you are able to look for work, or contributory Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) if you have an illness or disability that limits your ability to work. PIP replaces DLA once a child turns 16.

If you already get or are able to start claiming Child Tax Credit (CTC) you could get an increased amount of CTC called the "disabled child element". You will qualify for this if either your child receives any award of DLA, PIP or if they are certified as severely sight impaired or blind.

If you are at State Pension qualifying age you can claim a means-tested benefit called Pension Credit, depending on your income and capital, and other circumstances. Note that in couples where one partner is over Pension Credit qualifying age but the other partner is of working age any new claim for means-tested benefits will have to be for Universal Credit.

Whether you are of working age or pension age, you may also be entitled to claim a Council Tax Reduction to help with your council tax bill, if your income is low enough. Please contact your local authority about this.

You will be paid a Christmas Bonus each year that DLA is paid to your child. This is usually £10. You do not need to make a claim for the bonus, it is paid automatically and it will not affect any other benefits you might get.

For further information see Can I claim DLA for my child with a vision impairment?, My child has a vision impairment can I claim carers allowance?, My child has a vision impairment, can I claim PIP for them? and Will Universal Credit affect the benefits claimed for my child with a vision impairment?

Benefits for children are different in Scotland, a new benefit called Child Disability Payment (to replace DLA) was introduced on 22 November 2021. The rules to qualify for this are slightly different to those for Disability Living Allowance. If you live in Scotland, please see What is the Child Disability Payment in Scotland?

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