My child would benefit from technology at school but it is not in place. What should I do?

Technology is often a key element in ensuring a child with a visual difficulty has access to the curriculum.

It is important that a regular IT assessment is carried out to ensure everything that will help the child to be an independent learner is in place. The sensory (VI) support service will need to carry out an assessment of the child's needs with recommendations about equipment and training (for staff and for the child). If the child has has a formalised plan (such as an EHCP in England) the IT requirements should be specified. However they may need updating and this should be recorded at the annual review meeting.

More information is available on our technology in education webpage.

Guide Dogs access technology team can give advice on choosing the most appropriate technology and sensory equipment to help children and young people with sight loss to study and play.  Further infromation can be found on their technology webpage.

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