Do you have any advice on choosing the best type of Technology to support people with sight loss and dementia?

An individual with sight loss and dementia may have complex requirements and needs. It's helpful to consider the following four areas when deciding on the best personalised technological solution for support. Below are a few examples for each of the four areas:

The person using the technology

  • How are they going to use the technology?
  • Why are they going to use the technology?
  • What are the specific tasks that can be more easily achieved by using technology?

The purpose of the technology

  • Is the technology for communication, home environmental controls, entertainment and interest or to support the activities of daily life? Or a combination of these?
  • Is the technology to be used at home only or is it to be mobile? Or both home and mobile?

The equipment

  • Is internet access needed?
  • The physicality of the hardware and what would work best for the intended purpose? A personal computer (PC), laptop, tablet or Smartphone?

The environment

  • If a PC or laptop is required, consider the space needed to accommodate the hardware.
  • Consider other environmental considerations, such as desk space, task lighting, work surface, need for tidiness of wiring, size of screen, etc.

A full list of things to consider can be found in RNIB's Good practice guidelines for using technology to support people with sight loss and dementia factsheet which can be found on their Dementia and sight loss web pages.

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