What assistive technology is available for my child with a vision impairment?

Children with a vision impairment can benefit from mainstream technology and specialist adaptive technology in all areas of their life and a combination of both is often used. The forms of technology needed and used will change as they grow older.

Assistive computer hardware and software will enable them to access information on their computer or tablet through screen magnification programs which enlarge the image on the screen and speech-reading software. Braille notetaker devices are also available and can translate words into braille on a refreshable display.

Its important to make sure your child has access to good technology, as it can make a difference in helping them to succeed at school and college, as well as enhance their independence.

To ensure your child has the right equipment you should consult with a Qualified Teacher for the Vision Impaired and the Low Vision clinic attached to your Eye Healthcare provider. You may also wish to consider looking at private providers and may benefit from speaking to other families with VI children.

Further information can be found on Guide Dogs assistive technology and grants webpages.

For information on grants and funding for technology see Are there any technology and equipment grants or funding available for children with vision impairment?

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