Can a young person or child have a guide dog?

Yes, a child or young person can apply for a guide dog. There is no minimum age as each application is assessed individually.

The assessment determines whether the provision of a guide dog will aid mobility, increase confidence and self-esteem, and in turn improve quality of life. An in-depth mobility assessment explores key elements such as workload, walking speed, balance, lifestyle etc. A decision is then made based on eligibility criteria and the mobility assessment, as to whether the child or young person can be placed on the waiting list for a guide dog. For those under 18 parents, carers and key professionals are always included from the outset as they will play an important role in supporting the child or young person with their guide dog. Parents or carers will be the owners of the dog until the child or young person reaches the age of 18, when the ownership can be officially transferred.

Further information on how to apply and eligibility criteria can be found on Guide Dogs website.

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