Do you have any tips on making a tactile book for a child with vision impairment?

You can bring a story to life for a child with vision impairment through a tactile book, but it can be difficult to know where to start. So just experiment, start by gathering tactile objects such as fabrics (smooth, soft, rough, stiff or fluffy). Gather some bits of wool, twigs and straw or items from around the home that the child can identify with. Lay everything out, do any stories or themes come to mind? Don't worry if they don't, it doesn't have to be a story book! Have a play around and move the objects into groups, they could be items that are all smooth or all rough - this could inspire you to make a book based on opposites rough and smooth, big and small etc.

Further information, hints and tips as well as examples can be found on the following websites:

Clear vision a free lending library for visually impaired children, has a range of tactile books available to borrow that you can look to for inspiration, they also have an excellent guide which you can download from their website.

Making Tactile Books is a website with examples and a step by step guide that you can follow.

Paths to Literacy is an American website for vision impaired students with a good blog entry providing tips on creating a tactile book.

Positive Eyes have some excellent free resources available on their website.

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