How can I meet other parents and families in a similar situation?

If your child has additional needs, Contact a family support organisation will be able to connect you to a condition-specific support group where appropriate.

VI Talk is a popular online community of blind and partially sighted people which many parents of children with VI join.

The RNIB's Parents and Carers facebook group will also enable you to connect with other parents of children with vision impairment online. You can also find insight and guidance provided by parents who have already been through the experience, on RNIB's resources for parents of blind or partially sighted children webpages.

Guide Dogs offer family events, specifically arranged for children with a vision impairment and their families around the UK. These events are a great way for families to take a break and meet others in a similar situation, in a safe and secure environment. Further information can be found on Guide Dogs family events webpages.

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