Are there holidays that are tailored for people with sight loss?

Yes of course, there are as many different holiday options as there are people wanting to take a holiday.

Further information including how to plan a holiday and deciding which break might be best for you, can be found on RNIB's holidays web page. You can also find out about specialist hotels, activity breaks, group holidays, themed vacations and more.

You can search for organisations that operate specialist hotels and holidays on the Sightline Directory by entering the search words 'hotel' or 'holiday'.

If you are between 12 to 17 Vision England run residential breaks provided by Sense which allow young people to spend time with others who are blind and partially sighted. You can check upcoming breaks and book a place through the Sense website or by emailing [email protected].

In addition to specialist holiday companies if you are travelling in the UK and are registered blind or partially sighted you are protected by the Equality Act. This means that service providers, which would cover hotels and travel companies, need to make reasonable adjustments to ensure you can access their facilities or services. It is always worth discussing any specific needs you have with your hotel or tour operator directly before you travel.

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