How can I support a person living with sight loss and dementia?

There are some simple things you can do to support them including:

  • Encourage and support them to access eye care, to ensure any eye conditions are diagnosed and treated early
  • Remember the 4 C's in relation to eye wear:
    • clean
    • current
    • correct
    • comfortable glasses
  • Ensure eye drops are taken
  • Make simple adaptations to their home environment:
    • lighting should be consistent, even and controllable
    • things should be brighter and bolder
    • use good colour contrast and avoid reflective surfaces
    • avoid highly patterned wallpaper, carpets and furnishing
  • Speak clearly using simple short sentences giving only one idea, question or instruction at a time.
  • Adapt your communication by following OWL principle, Observe, Wait and Listen
  • Try to create the optimum environment when chatting by minimising noise, competing sounds and other distractions
  • Minimise visual clutter in the immediate environment and clothing (avoid loud patterns and clashing colours)

Please also see Do you have any podcasts on supporting older people with sight loss?

Further information can also be found on RNIB's Dementia and sight loss webpages.

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