What is the sunflower lanyard?

The Sunflower lanyard is green with a sunflower pattern and designed to be used by people with hidden disabilities and their families. It acts as a discreet sign for staff in organisations that have signed up to the scheme to make them aware that additional support or help may be required by the wearer. Once you get a lanyard, it is yours to keep and use for future travels or shopping trips.

The scheme was launched by Gatwick in 2016 to be used by people when travelling through the airport, so they can receive extra support with check-in and security, detailed information when travelling through the airport and staff assistance reading departure boards or signs. 

Getting a lanyard

  • Airports: If you’re due to fly from a major UK airport, you should be able to ask for a lanyard from an airport assistance desk, or order it in advance, depending on your chosen airport. Find out more about the best way of getting the lanyard by contacting the airport before you travel.
  • Railways and ferries: Contact customer services before you travel or ask at station booking offices or check-in desks. 
  • Supermarkets and retail stores: Request the lanyard at the customer service desk of larger stores or shopping centres, or at the checkout at smaller stores.  
  • Visitor attractions and leisure providers: Ask at the tills or information points, or contact customer services in advance. 
  • Hospitals: The main reception desks should be able to give you a lanyard, or tell you about the other areas of the hospital where you can collect one. 
  • Sports venues: Contact the ticket office. 
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the lanyard from the Hidden Disabilities Store.

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