How can I stay safe while out and about?

There are a number of things you can do to help you stay safe whilst out and about including:

  • Learn mobility skills to help you feel confident when travelling. Your local Social Services can provide you with a mobility assessment and training, see How can I get help from my council to stay independent?
  • Keep different bank notes in separate sections of your purse or wallet to help you find the right money quickly. You can buy electronic note detectors and checkers that can help you identify banknotes, see What help is there for handling money and paying with cash?
  • When sitting down, loop the strap of your bag around your foot or underneath your chair leg. Some pubs and cafes have loops or clips under their tables and chairs that you can use.
  • Mobile phones can be a great personal safety aid but can also make you more of a target, use it when you need to but be discreet where possible.

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, who are the leading charity on personal safety in the UK, have lots of useful information on their website. Including practical things you can do to help you feel and stay safe whilst out and about:

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