Are there any gyms that are more accessible for people with sight loss?

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) supports leisure centres to be more welcoming and accessible environments to disabled people. Facilities across the country have been awarded the IFI Mark accreditation. It helps leisure facilities to get more disabled people physically active.

Gyms are awarded accreditation at one of three levels: Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Find an accredited gym on the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) website.

If a there is no accredited gym near you, call your local gym and see what services they offer. Ask if you are able to bring a friend or volunteer companion for free, so they can advise you on the equipment.

Remember gyms are not the only way to exercise, you may prefer to choose a class or sport where you can be part of a team. Type 'exercise' into the search bar of this FAQ or view the Leisure and entertainment sub category for a range of information on sporting and exercise options.

Please also see I have sight loss do you have any tips or advice for joining and using a gym?

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