I can't use public transport, is there anyone who can help me to travel?

If you are unable to access local public transport, there are a usually a number of alternative ways to travel depending on where you live.

A lot of towns and villages are served by community transport, usually run by a local charity or social enterprise which provides travel for people who find it difficult to access public transport in their area. Community transport providers run different types of services depending on demand, funding received and the number of volunteers they have. Services range from timetabled accessible buses to door-to-door transport services using volunteers' own cars.

Some community transport providers are also associated with local Shopmobility schemes. These schemes provide equipment and escorts to help you get around once you have arrived.

You can find your nearest community transport provider on the Sightline Directory by entering your postcode and the search words 'community transport' or visit the Community Transport Association website.

Some local authorities also offer taxi cards so you can use taxis at subsidised rates. Contact your local authority for information on schemes in your area.

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