I've been told I must carry out work-related activity while claiming my benefit, is this right and can I appeal?

Given the restriction measures currently in place due to coronavirus, some rules around claiming and assessments for benefits have been changed or relaxed in the short term. Please check our Coronavirus (Covid-19): Welfare and benefits section to ensure you are getting the most up to date information or call the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999, from 8am to 8pm weekdays or 9am to 1pm Saturdays.

If you have a disability or illness that affects your ability to work you may be required to do work-related activity while claiming either Universal Credit or employment and support allowance. The expectation is that you will at some point be ready to return to work.

It may be correct to place you in the group that has to do work-related activity according to the DWP's rules for their assessments and the outcome of your assessment.

The DWP cannot automatically place blind or partially sighted people into the group who do not have to do any work-related activity. However, if you are unable to read braille or 16 point print, or are deafblind, or have disabilities in addition to sensory impairment, this makes it more likely that the DWP will decide you don't have to do any activities while claiming your benefit.

You can challenge the DWP's decision if you are unhappy with it or feel that it is wrong. You will need to ask the DWP for a 'mandatory reconsideration' of their decision, and if you are not happy with the outcome of the mandatory reconsideration decision, apply for an appeal.

You should challenge the decision as soon as possible if you are not happy, and you must normally ask for a mandatory reconsideration or appeal within one month of the DWP's decision.

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