When will I get a decision on my claim for PIP?

After you have had your assessment, the healthcare professional will complete their report. They will then send it to a DWP case manager who will decide whether or not to award you PIP and, if it is awarded, at what rate and for how long.

There is no time frame for when a decision must be made on your PIP claim. The Government has planned processing times for benefit decisions, for a PIP application this is 75 working days, but recent figures published confirm that only 51 per cent of decisions are made within this timescale.

It is not usually possible to speed up the PIP application processes and the DWP try to discourage people from calling for an update due to the number of such calls received. However, if you are concerned, you can call the PIP enquiry line on 0800 1214433. They will be able to confirm the current status of your PIP claim but will not be able to confirm how long a decision will take.

Our best advice, to get a decision as soon as possible, is to send in as much relevant medical evidence with your claim as you can and do a really thorough job when completing the PIP2 (health questionnaire). More information can be found on RNIB's PIP webpage.

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