How do I prepare for a PIP assessment?

When you claim PIP, it is very likely that the DWP or NI Direct will ask you to attend a face-to-face consultation.

If an assessor asks you to attend an assessment it is very important that you attend a face-to-face consultation. If you do not do this and do not have a good reason (good cause) then this could mean that the DWP reject your claim for PIP.

In preparing for your assessment it would be useful to:

  • reflect on what you have written in your original claim form.
  • to be aware of the activities that the assessor may ask you more information on. 
  • to have with you, where appropriate, any aids you use on a daily basis, for example magnifiers or other reading aids, mobility or navigation aids.

RNIB have produced both a PIP toolkit and an assessment top tips guide which can be found on their PIP webpage.





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