My child has a vision impairment, can I claim PIP for them?

When your child reaches age 16 you will have to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for them, and once a decision is made about PIP their DLA will stop. The DWP will contact you as your child approaches their 16th birthday to give you notice of this.

When your child is:

  • 15 years and 7 months, the DWP will send a detailed letter to you (the child’s parent or guardian) explaining that your child will have to claim PIP at age 16 instead of DLA and that, until a decision has been made on their PIP claim, they will continue to receive DLA.
  • 15 years and 10 months, the DWP will send you a letter reminding you that they will shortly invite your child to claim PIP.
  • 16 years old, the DWP will send your child (or you, as their “appointee”) a letter inviting them to claim PIP. The letter should contain more detailed instructions about how to make the claim and when to do this. The DWP will also advise what happens if your child does not make a claim for PIP within the given time period. 

Further information and help on claiming PIP for your child when they reach 16 can be found on RNIB's Personal Independent Payment (PIP) webpage.

For information on DLA for children under 16 see Can I claim DLA for my child with a vision impairment?

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