What is the application process for Personal Independence Payment (PIP)?

The PIP claim form is completed in two parts.

Part 1

When you call the DWP or DfC in Northern Ireland to start your claim for PIP, part one of the claim process will be completed as they take some initial details from you while you are on the phone. The DWP/DfC should also ask you about your preferred format during this call. If they don't, remember to say if you would like information sent to you in large print, braille or audio.

Part 2

If you meet the basic eligibility conditions the DWP/DfC will then generate and send you part two of the claim form along with an information booklet and a freepost envelope in which to return the completed claim form. You can now ask for the PIP2 to be emailed to you via a link which means you can complete it and return it electronically. However, currently this facility is not available to people who have asked for an alternative format such as large print, audio or braille.

The PIP2 form includes a unique barcode, some parts of it will have already be completed for you such as your name, address and date of birth. You must normally return the form within 4 weeks, although if it’s return is delayed you can request a 2 week extension.

Online claims

The DWP are currently rolling out a process by which anyone can make the whole claim electronically, including the initial phone call application (known as the PIP1). This method of claiming is currently only available in certain parts of the UK, though the aim is to make the online process available everywhere over the coming year. You can check if your area is eligible for online applications on the GOV.uk website.

For advice on completing the PIP2 form, please see What is part two of the PIP claim form and can I get help to complete it?

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