What is part two of the PIP claim form and how do I complete it?

When you make your initial claim for PIP over the phone the DWP will generate a claim form, called a PIP2, and send it to you along with an information booklet and a freepost envelope in which to return the completed claim form.

The PIP2 form includes a barcode (to uniquely identify your form) and some parts of it will already be completed for you (your name, address and date of birth, for example). You then complete the rest of the form and send it back to the DWP in the freepost envelope.

The PIP2 claim form looks at different day-to-day activities, with some "tick-box" questions and space for you to explain your need for help with each activity.

If you require assistance with completing the PIP2 there are various organisations that may be able to assist.

For example the DWP may be able to offer a referral to their home visiting service. This service is offered to vulnerable people that cannot get assistance elsewhere to claim. You should call the relevant DWP benefit team to ask if you can be referred.

Further information on completing the form can be found on RNIB's PIP web pages.

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