What is Narrator on a Windows computer?

Narrator is the built in screen reader software that the Windows operating system uses. It provides spoken feedback to describe your actions as you navigate around the screen. The information can also be output as braille using a refreshable braille display.

Narrator is updated on a regular basis and is compatible with most office applications like Word, Excel and Outlook. It can also read out information from web browsers and websites, the icons on your desktop, notifications, error messages and information from apps.

Narrator can be launched by using the keyboard shortcut control, Windows Key and Enter. You can adjust Narrators settings to suit your personal preference by using Windows Accessibility centre, press Windows Key and U to open it. You can also open Narrator settings by pressing the Windows Key, Control and N.

Settings that can be adjusted include the gender of the voice, language, talk speed it, what is announced and when Narrator starts (before or after log in).

Narrator is operated by keyboard shortcuts. This means that you hold down one or more keys on the keyboard and press another key to perform an action. Actions that can be performed by using a keyboard shortcut include things like copying text, cutting text, pasting text, selecting text, accessing the desktop, moving through the different options on the task bar and notification area, choosing different options, activating buttons, launching applications, creating emails, forwarding emails, replying to emails, moving files and folders and many more.

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