How do I change the voice speed of Windows Narrator?

You can change the voice speed of Windows Narrator to suit your personal preference, by selecting  the Start button - Settings - Ease of Access - Narrator. 

Alternatively, you can utilise keyboard shortcut keys to access the Ease of Access centre (Windows Key and U), tab once and arrow down six times to Narrator and press 'Enter'. You should then press the tab key to get into the main window. Press the tab key until you reach the option for Speed. The default rate is 10. You can adjust the rate by using the up and down arrow keys between 0 which is the lowest and 20 which is the highest. 

Other options that can be customised in this section include:

  • Change voice pitch
  • Change voice volume
  • Lower the volume of other apps when Narrator is speaking
  • Change where Narrator’s voice is output
  • Change the level of detail Narrator provides when reading
  • Add hearing hints on buttons and controls
  • Change the typing feedback from letters and letters and words,
  • Add hearing feedback for function and modifier keys 

All of the options in this section can be changed by either using the arrow keys to change the values or by checking and unchecking boxes by pressing the space bar. 

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