Will an award of PIP affect my other benefits?

This will vary depending partly on whether you are getting Universal Credit or getting pre-Universal Credit means-tested benefits. The latter are called 'legacy benefits'.

If your claim for PIP is successful, and you get any legacy means-tested benefit that includes the following, these can continue:

  • Severe disability premium, providing you are awarded either rate of the daily living component of PIP
  • Enhanced disability premium if you are awarded the enhanced rate of the daily living component
  • Working Tax Credit disabled worker element if you get any award of PIP (and meet other conditions), and/or the severe disability element if you are given the enhanced rate of PIP daily living component.

The following can also continue:

  • a vehicle (car, scooter or powered wheelchair) leased through the Motability Scheme if you are awarded the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP for a minimum of 12 months. Further information about the Mobility Scheme can be found at motability.co.uk
  • a free tax disc if you get the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP, or a 50% discount if you get the standard rate
  • your carer can continue to receive Carer's Allowance if you are awarded either rate of the daily living component of PIP.

Other information

If this is a new award for a disability benefit, and you are receiving any legacy means-tested benefit, you may be eligible for the same premiums and other concessions as described above. You should contact the department that administers your legacy benefit and advise them of your PIP award.

If you were told that you had to move from a legacy benefit to Universal Credit following a change in your circumstances, and you had been receiving a severe disability premium in your legacy benefit, you may be entitled to extra money in your Universal Credit.

If you are receiving Universal Credit there are some advantages in having an award of a disability benefit such as PIP although it will not usually lead to a higher rate of Universal Credit.


The benefit rules for pensioners can be complicated, particularly for mixed-age couples so please seek further advice if you are unsure. However, in general terms an award of or increase in PIP will not have a negative effect on your means tested benefit. It is not classed as income which can be used to reduce your entitlement to Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or Council Tax Support. In many cases, it could increase your entitlement which is why its important to seek advice.

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