What support and funding is available at university, for students with a vision impairment?

Universities and higher education colleges have an obligation to make provision for all students with a disability, including those with a visual impairment. This tends to be arranged by a central office, often called the Disability Support Office. It can include support with accessing your course, with exams and assessments, accommodation arrangements and mobility training.

You may be eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) which provide financial help for students. The DSAs can help with extra course costs students can face as a direct result of their sight condition and/or other disabilities. DSAs enable you to study and have access to course materials on an equal basis to other students and are paid in addition to the standard student finance package.

For further information see What are Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) and how can I apply?

Disability Rights UK can also provide advice and information regarding support and funding available to students with a disability.

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