Should I declare my vision impairment/disability on my UCAS form?

When you apply through UCAS, you can declare that you have a disability on your application form. By doing this it means your chosen course provider can start to put the right support in place for you well in advance of your arrival. This can include extra equipment, a scribe or support worker and adaptations to living arrangements. Any information you provide is confidential and won't be passed on without your permission.

Students who have previously gone through the UCAS application process found that this was the key way in which the university disability support offices identified that they may potentially need some support arrangements (even if this was simply extra time for examinations).

If you'd rather not disclose at this stage, you can always tell your chosen course providers about your situation once you've been accepted. But check what support they have on offer first and be prepared that there may be delays in getting your support in place at the start of your studies.

It's important to note that whilst this information will be made available to the university's disability support office, it is likely that it won't be made available to your chosen department until your place on the course is confirmed and a learning support agreement is in place.

For further information on support at university see Should I declare my vision impairment to university teaching staff? and How do I make sure my accessability needs such as access to materials and finding my way around are met when I start University?

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