Should I declare my disability on my UCAS form?

When you apply through UCAS, you can declare that you have a disability on your application form. For example, if you have been receiving support for your vision impairment at school or college you would declare using disability code C, ‘Blind or a serious visual impairment uncorrected by glasses’.

Students who have previously gone through the UCAS application process found that this was the key way in which the university disability support offices identified that they may potentially need some support arrangements (even if this was simply extra time for examinations).
Some disability support offices send out questionnaires for prospective students to complete, whilst others contact students to set up meetings at open days or following interviews. It will vary from university to university, but evidence has shown that it is beneficial for you to declare your visual impairment at this stage of the process. 
If you’d rather not disclose at this stage, you can always tell your chosen course providers about your situation once you’ve been accepted – after you get your welcome email – but check what support they have on offer first and be prepared that there may be delays in getting your support in place at the start of your studies.

Further information can be found on RNIB's Choosing a university and Negotiating support at university webpages.

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