What reading formats/options are available for a child with a vision impairment?

Books are available in a range of different formats, that will allow a visually impaired child to enjoy reading. You just need to find the one that works the best for them:

Audio CD - can be played on ALL CD players
Digital Audio CD - can be played on MP3 CD players only
DAISY CD - known as structured digital audio allowing you to jump to special specific points within the CD, can only be played on DAISY player.
USB MP3 - digital audio only, can be played back on USB boombox audio devices, computer (if correct software installed) and some DAISY players
Online (e-text) - downloads
Braille - double-sided contracted/single-sided uncontracted
Big Print - produced in at least 16-point font
Giant Print - produced in at least 18-point font or larger
Tactile Books - allow you to 'feel' a story

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