I’m supposed to have an injection, but I’m worried about attending the hospital. Should I still go?

Yes, unless you have been notified by your consultant not to attend or you are displaying coronavirus symptoms. If you are displaying symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has, follow the government advice and call 111 but make sure they are aware that you are due for an essential injection too. If you can, let the hospital know you are unable to attend.

Hospitals are aware of the risks of the virus and are following strict cleaning protocols. Injections are a surgical procedure carried out in clean rooms; all staff are compliant with infection prevention. The hospital will only be recommending essential treatment and injections that are essential to protect vision. The hospital will not be deliberately or lightly putting you at risk.

For information around being guided to your appointment, see How can I be guided safely during the coronavirus pandemic?
For a full list of entries on coronavirus, see our Coronavirus Information entry.
If you need further advice or support during this time, please call RNIB on 0303 123 99 99 or visit the gov.uk coronavirus web pages.

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