I need somewhere to live, what are my housing options?

If you are homeless or looking to move property you have various options depending on your individual circumstances. You can seek advice from your local authority's housing needs/options team. To find your local authority search on gov.uk

If you are homeless please see I'm homeless what can I do?

Council housing

Getting a council property can be difficult as the demand for housing is high. You should in the first instance apply to your council who will assess your priority and explain how to bid for properties. To find your local authority search on gov.uk

Social housing

Your local authority's housing needs/options team will be able to provide you advice on housing association landlords in your area and how to apply. Often your application for council housing will incorporate an application to housing association landlords as well.

Private renting

Your final option would be to explore renting through a private landlord. Although the tenancy agreements for these landlords are less secure you may find you are able to find suitable housing much quicker if you are able to afford the rent and any deposit required. You may be able to get help with rent in advance or a deposit through your local authority's discretionary housing payment scheme.

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