How do I navigate text with TalkBack on an Android device?

TalkBack allows you to navigate text within messages, emails, webpages and other applications in a range of different ways. For example, you can move letter by letter, word by word or line by line. You can also navigate by links, headings or controls. 

To choose the way you want to navigate, you can perform a one finger swipe up or down. TalkBack will announce each navigation element. When you reach the way you want to move in your text you can swipe to the right or left. For example, when in an app or on a website, you can access all headings or links on the page by swiping up or down until TalkBack says “Headings” and then proceed to swipe right or left to move up or down in the list of headings. 

The letter by letter navigation is particularly useful if you want to capture a telephone number, email address, website or the spelling of a word. 

You can quickly reach a part of a page by using the paragraph navigation rather than having to move down bit by bit. 

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