Is Amazon Echo accessible for people with sight loss?

The Amazon Echo is classed as a Voice Assistant, which means it is a product which is primarily controlled by the human voice. You simply give the Echo a wake word such as "Alexa" then give it a command, for example "Alexa set timer for 10 minutes". You can get the Echo to perform a huge array of functions including playing your music, selecting radio stations, playing games or listening to audible books. Echos can also control heating, lighting, smart plugs, cameras etc.

The Echo device connects to your wifi (home wireless network) and can be set up either through an Apple or Android app or through the Amazon website. The Echo uses skills to increase its capabilities and new skills are constantly being added. Once set up, further skills can be added through the website or app.

Because they are controlled by voice the Echo family of devices are accessible and easily usable by people with sight loss.

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