Do you have any tips on dealing with Monocular vision?

Here are a few ideas that you may find useful to incorporate into things you do every day.

  • When putting a drink down, place the other hand on the table or surface, then place the drink next to it
  • When pouring liquid, gently rest the lip of the container on the rim of the cup or glass
  • It can be difficult to judge the last step on the staircase. Move cautiously, feel ahead with your foot and keep a hand on the banister or handrail
  • You may find it useful when crossing the road, to stop at the kerb for a while to gauge the depth of the kerb and the distance of vehicles before crossing
  • Let friends and family know that it is easier for you if they walk or sit next to you on the side where you can see
  • In crowded areas, some people find that walking with a partner or against a wall on their affected side prevents them from bumping into obstacles
  • You may find you have to turn your head more to see things towards your affected side. With time this will become more natural.

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