Can I claim DLA for my child with a vision impairment?

The following information relates to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. DLA for children living in Scotland is changing, please see What is the Child Disability Payment (CDP) in Scotland?

You can claim DLA if:

  • you are the parent of a child under 16 with sight loss
  • and your child has had these problems for at least three months
  • and your child is expected continue to have these problems for at least six months.

DLA consists of a care component and a mobility component. You can get a payment for one or both of these components. Many blind and partially sighted children should qualify for at least the lowest rate of both components (depending on age).

You can claim the care component from your child’s date of birth and there are three weekly rates of payment 

  • lower rate £26.90 
  • middle rate of £68.10 
  • highest rate of £101.75

There are two weekly rates of payment for the mobility component.

  • lower rate of £26.90
  • higher rate of £71.00

The earliest you can claim the mobility component for your child is when they are three years old. The higher rate is payable from age three and the lower rate can only be paid from the age of five.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from claiming DLA:

  • you can receive DLA regardless of your other income because it is not a means-tested benefit
  • DLA is tax-free
  • it could increase your entitlement to certain benefits and concessions, depending on the DLA award your child is given.

The DWP have created a series of short videos that explain about DLA for children, they include:

For further information if you live in England, Wales contact the Disability Living Allowance Unit:

  • 0800 121 4600
  • textphone 0800 121 4523
  • Next Generation Text Service (NGTS) call 18001 then 0800 121 4600
  • Download or complete the claim forms on the website.

If you live in Northern Ireland, call the Benefits Enquiry line on 0800 587 0912 or visit

Further information and advice on how to claim can be found on RNIB's Benefits for children and Guide Dogs Family Support webpages.

If your child is 16 or over you will need to claim PIP instead of DLA see My child has a vision impairment, can I claim PIP for them?

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